The ATHLETE TRAID PLAYBOOK, Relative Energy in Sport is designed to allow you to download which ever handouts best suit you and the athlete you are working with. You can provide a binder to that athlete for them to fill with the handout,  worksheets/interactives and goals set each session as you move through educating and interacting around issues of restoring low energy availability. Alternatively, you could work remotely and send each page as you deem fit.

Each handout in the Playbook has been graphically designed to be visually appealing, and colorful using pictures of athletes and food to help create relatable and understandable handouts.

Based on the latest science,  references for each handout is listed in the Reference Section and a second reader was engaged to review each handout to ensure accuracy.

Five different sections were created to help cover all the bases of the TRIAD/REDs including descriptions, illustrations, education and experiential learning to promote behavior change.

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As opposed to moving sequentially through each of the five sections, ATP is designed to be flexible and allow you to address the topic most relevant to the athlete you are working with in an order that makes the most sense to you. It is intended that at least one handout from three of the five sections will be utilized within each counseling session. The goal is to support behavior change by offering knowledge, self-efficacy and personalized goal setting.

They are designed to pair well and complement each other.

Remember, not every athlete will need every handout. You may go in a different order with different athletes. Use your discretion and expertise to bring this toolkit alive as you work with each Triad/RED-S athlete based on their intake, their food preferences, their unique medical and cultural needs. ATP provides you educational tools to enhance your effectiveness; it is insight, explanations and guidance on how to apply the lessons herein that will help each athlete you work with correct LEA and reverse the TRIAD/RED-S.

This Athlete Triad Playbook Self-Study Course has been pre-approved by CDR for 6 CEUs for RDNs and DTRs.

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